Which Indian company are you supporting?

The Hindu on Monday published an article asking people to vote for Indian fashion brands and clothing brands to support a fund aimed at helping people with cancer, diabetes and other illnesses.

The Indian clothing companies that have announced fund-raising campaigns have been identified by The Hindu as Gildan Activewear, JCPenney, L’Oréal, Gap and Suntory.

The Hindu said it had asked people to comment on the items and the campaign and had collected responses from over 1,000 people.

It said the company had also offered a reward of up to $1,000 for anyone who could identify the brands or name the clothes they would donate to the fund.

The campaign has been supported by the All India Non-Governmental Organisations Association (AINGO), which is part of the All-India Association for Arts, Culture, and Tourism.

The fund is the first one in the country to fund fashion companies and has raised more than Rs. 5 crore from the public.

“We will be working with them to set up an account to distribute their clothing in India,” said a senior official from Gildans Activewear.

“I want to make sure the funds are spent properly and that it reaches the right places.”

Gildan, the world’s largest private clothing company, had announced a fund for cancer research in February.

The fund was aimed at raising funds for research on the treatment and cure of cancer.

Gildon has said it is planning to spend $1 billion on cancer research.

The funds are being used to fund research in India, the company said.

“It will enable us to create a fund to support the research of cancer in India and to increase awareness about the causes of cancer,” the company’s managing director Manoj Kumar said at the time.

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