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New baby clothes for women in 2018

Google News article New baby clothing for women, including dresses, tops, bottoms and shorts, will be available at the start of September, according to Google.The new clothing categories will be announced in the first quarter of 2018 and will include everything from “dresses and skirts” to “bed linens and pillowcases” to socks and leggings.The Google […]

New clothes store, ClothesPulse, will open its doors to all on January 17, 2018

Clothespulse, a clothing store in South Melbourne, will be open to the public on January 16, 2018.The store has been on the market for the past year and is located at the intersection of South Melbourne Road and Southbank Avenue.The doors will open at 10.30am, but the store will be closed on the following Saturday.Clothes […]

How to Get Rid of Your Clothing in 20 Minutes (and Save a Lot of Money)

The Internet is a great place to find cheap clothing, and the results can be amazing.So, how do you know if your old clothes are good for you?If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to your regular old clothes, then you’ll want to try this new discovery site called Clothing Finder.It’s an easy way to […]

Which are the top 5 things to get to know about the clothes drying rack?

More than 10 years after the arrival of the washing machine, drying racks are becoming increasingly common.The racks, built to make clothes dry faster and more easily, have also become popular with parents looking for convenient, family-friendly solutions.But while the racks are popular with consumers, they are often criticized by retailers who complain about how […]

The first baby clothes store to open in the US, a mom-and-pop store that’s bringing back some classic styles to the US

NEW YORK — The first baby clothing store to launch in the United States will open at New York’s Times Square this week, bringing back a few familiar baby gear staples to the nation’s capital.The new baby clothes retailer, BabyGear, will be opening on Thursday with a focus on a mix of baby products, from […]

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