Why baby boy dresses are not so cute

Why baby boys are not really cute when it comes to clothing?

Read more: The answer, as it turns out, is that the clothing is not really for babies, according to Dr Rachel Clements, an obstetrician-gynecologist at Sydney’s Mount Druitt Women’s Health Centre.

“When it comes down to babies, they don’t have really big heads and they don: “They don’t really like to sleep in baby clothes,” Dr Clements told the ABC.”

We’ve seen babies in the last six months, but we’ve also seen babies that have had very different types of birth.

For breastfeeding, they might have been a little more casual than a newborn baby, so it’s different for every child.””

They’ve had very particular outfits, and they’ve had a particular kind of shirt, a specific type of bra, a particular type of dress, and that’s really different for each baby,” she said.

“For breastfeeding, they might have been a little more casual than a newborn baby, so it’s different for every child.”

Dr Paul Bower, a paediatrician at Newcastle Childrens Hospital, said that while there were some very practical things that babies could be expected to do, for most babies, it was important to be flexible and adapt to the situation.

“They are still very much a baby, they’re still very young and they are still at an early stage of their development,” Dr Bower said.

“And so, if they’re going to wear a specific piece of clothing, they have to make a choice, and it’s important to find the right piece of clothes for them.”

The ABC’s Tracey Davis reports from Newcastle.

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