Year: 2021

What the NHL can learn from the US’s ‘workout wardrobe’

A number of NHL players and coaches have been working out during the World Cup, including the Nashville Predators’ Justin Faulk and Pittsburgh Penguins’ Dan Boyle.Now, they’re talking about the next step for the sport.The NHL Players’ Association and the NHL Players Union have agreed to create a new collective bargaining agreement (CBA) that would […]

‘The Dress’ is ‘The New Barbie’: Here’s How to Style a Teenage Girl

The dress has become an increasingly popular accessory for teens to wear to school and to the mall, and now, in the age of the “fancy dress” craze, many designers are embracing it for its bold color palette, edgy silhouette, and edgy style.But what about the dress’ gender and gender-neutral origins?Are the new trends in […]

‘I’m gonna make it!’ Teenager’s mom, stepdad and brother promise to help her make her own summer clothes

By JOE STONE, Associated Press WASHINGTON (AP) A teenage girl is hoping her mother, stepfather and brother will make a difference in her life after she struggled to find clothes for her baby.Tara Ann Stinson says her mom and stepdad have been helping her with clothes since she was six months old and she wanted […]

How to store your home essentials in your pocket

It’s a familiar feeling: The doorbell rings and you’re greeted by the smell of fresh laundry, a fresh bag of cereal and some freshly cooked pasta.It’s an everyday routine, a basic but important way of maintaining a home’s health.It seems like a normal part of life, and the thought of it making you feel more […]

What you need to know about the brand baby boy clothing

If you’re in the market for cute clothing and baby clothes, check out the brands below.Baby clothes are available in many sizes, from newborn diapers to babies clothes.Baby boy clothes are typically made with a softer material to provide a more comfortable fit, but some brands offer a softer fabric, which may be more comfortable […]

New baby clothes for women in 2018

Google News article New baby clothing for women, including dresses, tops, bottoms and shorts, will be available at the start of September, according to Google.The new clothing categories will be announced in the first quarter of 2018 and will include everything from “dresses and skirts” to “bed linens and pillowcases” to socks and leggings.The Google […]

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