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How to avoid the “bad guys”

A new rule is requiring retailers to display logos, including those of major corporations, on clothing and accessories at checkout, instead of on the items themselves.The new rule will take effect July 1.The change is designed to help protect consumers from the “fakes and cheats” that retailers are exploiting, said Kristi Miller, senior director of […]

Which are the top 5 things to get to know about the clothes drying rack?

More than 10 years after the arrival of the washing machine, drying racks are becoming increasingly common.The racks, built to make clothes dry faster and more easily, have also become popular with parents looking for convenient, family-friendly solutions.But while the racks are popular with consumers, they are often criticized by retailers who complain about how […]

Canada’s youth clothing stores are the most vulnerable in Canada

As the number of young people entering adulthood in Canada continues to rise, the country’s retailers face the challenge of attracting them to their stores, said Mark Jardine, a senior economist at the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives.“It’s going to be a tough time, especially in the years after 2025, because it’s going be very […]

When shopping online, take a look at what’s on sale and avoid the same-store sales

A lot of women’s clothing and accessories are selling at the same time.They’re selling at online clothing stores like Forever 21 and Walmart, as well as online baby clothes stores like Sephora, and they’re selling online at beauty and fashion stores like Urban Outfitters, Lane Bryant, and Sephort.These online stores all have different pricing models […]

Why it’s important to invest in smart clothing companies

Clothes are among the hottest new fashion trends of 2018.Whether you’re looking to get a cute new pair of jeans, a pair of leggings, or a trendy pair of flip flops, the world is awash in stylish clothes that make for a great look.With that in mind, it’s crucial to invest wisely into clothes and […]

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