Month: September 2021

What’s trending in fashion in the Philippines?

Trendy clothes is trending in the US, Canada and the Philippines as fashion bloggers and designers are using the hashtag #trendiesfashion to push their designs and create more interest in the country.Read More: Fashion blogger and fashion entrepreneur, Anju Kukkol, has been busy crafting a range of t-shirts that are sure to capture the attention […]

How to find the perfect size for your body

Microfiber Car Cloths & Women’s Clothing, Kente Cloths, plus Size womens Clothing, Microfibers, and other microfibre-free clothing items are available at retailers worldwide.Find the best sizes for your personal needs.Read More .In addition to these items, the majority of the microfibrers are made with water-based carbon nanotubes and are water resistant.The microfIBERO Microfibrings is a […]

Which vintage apparel are you wearing?

Vintage clothing is all the rage these days.Whether it’s a t-shirt, sweatshirt, jacket, vest, pants or shorts, vintage clothing is available online or in store and can be had for a few dollars.But, there are a few things you need to know before purchasing vintage clothing.Here are some tips for making sure you’re getting the […]

How to get clothes for free at a thrift store

A thrift shop in the United Kingdom is making its employees work on their sewing skills by selling clothing from its racks for less than they would pay for it.The shop, called Lark, sells women’s and children’s clothes at a rate of just £1.80 per hour, according to The Independent.The workers earn £1 an hour […]

How to buy a beautiful Venus clothes rack for the right price

Now that you know how to choose a Venus clothes racks, you might be wondering how to decide what to buy.Here’s how.1.Look at the price of the rack.The rack’s price will tell you a lot about the quality of the material, which in turn will tell how well it suits your budget.For example, if you’re […]

What the NHL can learn from the US’s ‘workout wardrobe’

A number of NHL players and coaches have been working out during the World Cup, including the Nashville Predators’ Justin Faulk and Pittsburgh Penguins’ Dan Boyle.Now, they’re talking about the next step for the sport.The NHL Players’ Association and the NHL Players Union have agreed to create a new collective bargaining agreement (CBA) that would […]

‘The Dress’ is ‘The New Barbie’: Here’s How to Style a Teenage Girl

The dress has become an increasingly popular accessory for teens to wear to school and to the mall, and now, in the age of the “fancy dress” craze, many designers are embracing it for its bold color palette, edgy silhouette, and edgy style.But what about the dress’ gender and gender-neutral origins?Are the new trends in […]

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