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How to Wear a Boho Clothes Mentor

I had never thought about this sort of thing.But I did when I started out.My mother and her boyfriend bought a few dresses, and I started wearing my favorite clothes and accessories.It’s the way I feel when I’m doing the same thing.I love my hair and I like how it’s styled, so I went to […]

Which of the above is more popular?

The Globe and Mail’s Justin Ling has an exclusive look at which of the top 20 Canadian online retailers are the most popular online shopping destinations for men.Here are the top 10 Canadian online stores for men in 2018: 1.Target 2.Urban Outfitters 3.Home Goods 4.JCPenney 5.Wal-Mart 6.Zappos 7.Best Buy 8.Walmart 9.Zara 10.H&M Source The Globe […]

GOP to cut off support for online clothing stores

The GOP is calling for Congress to cut ties with online clothing retailers who sell products deemed inappropriate for minors.GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham said Wednesday that the GOP should also oppose efforts by the Democratic National Committee and other groups to stop “adult-themed clothing” from selling online.The statement from Graham came after a meeting with […]

The internet is now where girls’ clothes are made, designer clothes are still sold online

The internet has transformed the fashion industry, and girls’ fashion is still sold on the web.But that doesn’t mean girls’ clothing is actually on sale in the United States anymore.The internet isn’t a fashion site anymore.Instead, it’s a destination for fashion-forward fashion and lifestyle brands that sell girls’ products online.These brands are called online brands.They’re […]

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