How to dress like your favorite ’80s teen in this Vintage Baby Clothing Store

If you were a kid when MTV hit the airwaves, you may remember seeing a lot of Baby Dolls and Baby Doll Mamas.

But now you can get even more vintage and vintage-inspired in your style in this retro Baby Clothing store.

Here are 11 retro baby outfits to make you look even cooler than you did when you were little.


Your Mom Says Baby Doll Dresser: A vintage-themed dresser for your mom to dress up as a doll for your Halloween party.


Your Grandmother Says Baby Dresser For Your Halloween Party: This cute baby doll dresser is for your grandma’s birthday.


Baby Doll Halloween Party Dresser : The perfect baby doll Halloween party dresser to wear to a Halloween party!


Your Mother Says Baby Costume Dresser for Your Birthday: For your mom’s Halloween party, this baby doll costume dresser looks great.


Baby Costume Baby Doll Costume Dressers: This dresser can look great for your baby’s Halloween parties.


Baby Dress for Halloween Party : This dress is perfect for Halloween parties and is super cute for your daughter!


Baby and Dad Costume Baby Dressers : For your dad’s Halloween costume party, he will look great in this dress!


Baby Halloween Party Gift Box: This gift box will make a great gift for your birthday.


Baby Baby Doll Party Costume: This costume dress can be a great way to celebrate your baby girl’s birthday!


Baby Party Costume Dress for your Mother’s Birthday: This baby costume dress is great for mom’s birthday parties.


Baby Holiday Costume for your Birthday: You can wear this cute baby costume to celebrate Christmas!

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