What’s the deal with the ‘Clothing Gap’?

A new survey has found that most retailers are struggling to fill a new market in womens clothes and footwear.

Read moreWhat’s the Deal With The ‘Closing Gap’ For Women?

It was one of the first items that emerged on the table as part of a new report from the women’s fashion consultancy brand, Jane Street.

Jane Street, which has been tracking the fashion trends of young women since 2009, said that as the “closing gap” between what young women are willing to pay for a new pair of clothes and what they can afford for a wardrobe has widened, the “new normal” for women has become even harder to live up to.

It found that as many as 15% of young adults are looking to pay more for a garment than the average family spends on groceries.

“In fact, we found that the typical teenage girl’s budget for clothing is now about half that of her parents’,” Jane Street marketing manager Anna Peeples told The Irish Times.

Read moreThis has an impact on the way young people think about clothes, said Ms Peeple.””

This has implications for their shopping choices and also for their economic well-being, and particularly in light of the fact that the average annual wage for women in the workforce has fallen for two decades.”

Read moreThis has an impact on the way young people think about clothes, said Ms Peeple.

“It’s not just about price.

It’s about the quality, the fit and the construction.

There’s also about the fit.

So we have to understand how young people feel about wearing the clothes they’re buying.”

They have a different perception about the style and the fit than they have about a dress.

They are looking for something more like a casual dress, which can be expensive.

“The best thing we can do for young people is to give them a little bit more freedom to be able to have those decisions about their wardrobe, to have their own choices.”

The study was commissioned by Jane Street’s new product partner, The Lulu.

The Lulu, which was launched in June this year, is designed to help young women achieve their dream of having a fashionable, stylish wardrobe.

It has over 200 stores across the country and has launched an app that lets women take part in weekly shopping trips.

It has launched a “lifestyle shop” on its website that offers discounts on a range of brands, including T-shirts and jeans, and is currently in talks to partner with another online retailer, P&G.

Jane’s latest survey also found that women in their twenties are more likely to shop at a “casualist” store, with the average amount spent on clothing for younger women rising from $8 to $10 a month.

That was a big change from just two years ago, when they spent about $8 a month on clothing.

“As a result, the average female spend has increased from $6.40 in 2014 to $9.10 a year,” Jane Street said.

It also found a slight increase in women’s shopping spending on shoes, which rose from $2.10 to $2, but a steep fall in the average size.

Jane, which launched its research in May, said the “shopping gap” had narrowed by the second half of last year, and that a “closer look at data” from the latest figures showed a significant increase in spending on “glamour” clothes in the second quarter of the year.

The findings were based on a survey of 1,000 women aged 18 to 35, with a response rate of 40%.

“What’s particularly striking in our data is that the gap has narrowed significantly over the past two years, and it is now a much more meaningful barrier for young consumers,” Ms Pees said.

“So we’re really seeing an overall increase in young people going into the market for a clothing shopping experience, whether it’s a casual or a glamour experience, and they’re willing to spend more.”

Jane Street says it has already seen an increase in “casually minded” women buying clothing, but that the “graphic” and “comfortable” clothing that women are buying now has a greater value.

“We are seeing women who are more willing to give up the more casual clothes and get into more glamor-inspired items,” Ms Meeples said.

“When we ask women what their favourite items are, there is a clear gender divide.

We’re seeing a gender divide on the size of the garments.

Women are more in favour of having longer skirts, a longer blouse or more pockets than men, but they’re also more likely than men to say that they prefer to have a longer skirt, for example, and a longer, thicker shirt.”

Read MoreShoes, shoes, shoes.

The ‘closing’ gap is

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