Justice for victims of the coronavirus

JUSTICE FOR VICTIMS OF THE CORONAVIRUS article Justice for Victims of the Coronavirus in Queensland article More than 700 women and girls in Queensland have been charged with crimes related to coronaviruses after the coronas outbreak.

The Women’s Legal Service of Queensland says it is taking cases of alleged offences against women and children seriously and investigating them on an “urgent basis”.

It says the charges are a direct result of the crisis.

“We know that many women and their families are struggling to cope with the strain of the virus and the need to protect their loved ones,” WA-based WLSQ chief executive Jennifer Smith said.

“The cases we’ve seen show how serious it is to protect our young girls from the risk of a disease that can spread and harm them and their communities.”

The Queensland Government has been struggling to put together a response to the coronaval outbreak.

It has spent more than $500 million on the coronaves response, which includes the deployment of thousands of volunteers to help with coronaviral detection and response.

Victims have been advised to wear full face masks and stay indoors at all times and are urged to contact their local coronavillae specialist if they are exposed to COVID-19.

Victim protection groups have also raised concerns about the lack of awareness and response to coronovirus in the community.

Last week, the Victorian Government announced it was to build a $1 billion emergency response fund to support communities, businesses and local governments in the face of the pandemic.

A Queensland government spokeswoman said the State Government was continuing to build on its existing response and funding.

She said Queenslanders were also concerned about the current coronavaccine policy, which was created by the Victorian Labor Government to deal with the pandemics introduction.

“Queenslanders are also concerned that the Government is not doing enough to protect them, that the policy is not working, and that it’s not being put in place as soon as possible,” Ms Smith said, adding it was critical the Government “looks after the community first”.

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