How to dress your cat for a cat event: 5 tips

A few weeks ago, a woman named Katara and her cat, Barbie, were heading to a cat-themed event in New York.

The two were dressed in a variety of outfits, including cat-scented sweaters and a leopard print jacket, and the cat was excited to meet the couple.

Katara was so excited that she decided to take Barbie out for a walk.

“I thought she was going to be all, ‘Oh, hi, nice cat.

I love you,'” Katara said.

“But then she got up and started running.”

Katara didn’t have to look far.

As she turned to look, Barie was already gone.

“It was very, very, unexpected,” she said.

Katina is a mom of two cats.

She and her husband decided to make the event a cat costume party.

They chose the cat that is most commonly dressed as a rabbit or fox, and decided to have Barbie wear a leopardsuit.

“My cats love rabbits, and rabbits are so cute, so I was very conscious about making the costumes as cute as possible,” Katara explained.

“So I thought, let’s do it this way, it’s fun, and it’s not like I’m making a political statement.”

The idea for the cat costume is to help educate people about cat ownership.

In addition to showing people that cats are not inherently evil, it also gives the cat an emotional boost, said Katina.

“Cats are very loyal and really care about their people.

They’re very friendly and they love to play with other cats,” she added.

The couple chose the leopard color because it symbolizes innocence and purity, according to Katara.

“You can’t make the world safe for cats,” Katina explained.

“We wanted to do something that would help educate the cat community, and that was a big part of it,” said Barbie’s owner, Matt Witten.

“If we’re doing something good for people, we want to make it good for our cats.”

In addition to wearing leopard prints, the two plan to have the cat wear a collared shirt and leopard boots, and they’ll bring along an animal-themed toy.

They’ll also dress the cat up to look like the cat of the day, such as a leashed cat or a stuffed cat.

“I wanted to make sure we’re really capturing the essence of what the cat is, and not just the image,” Witten said.

The event will be held at a new home for the kitties, where they will be put up for adoption.

Katinara hopes to have an event like this one in other cities, but also hopes that it inspires other cat lovers to adopt their pet.

“Hopefully, other cat owners are out there thinking of their own cat-related costume parties and just thinking about how they can help out their own cats,” said Katinara.

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