How to clean up your clothes

Cleaning your clothes will help prevent bacteria from getting into your pores and preventing any further transmission of the superbugs.

Here’s what you need to know.1.

You need to wash your clothes regularly.

It is essential that you wash your clothing regularly, but you can use a gentle scrubbing motion to remove all the dirt, grime and grime-like particles.

You will be able to see any remaining grime.2.

The first step to washing is washing the clothes.

The first step is to wash the clothes, but once you have washed them, you can continue to use your washing machine and not have to do a second washing.3.

It is important to avoid any dirt or grime that may be sticking to the cloth.

This can be from cuts, abrasions, stains, sweat, etc.4.

You can rinse the cloth, but be careful not to wash away any of the grime or dirt.5.

The best way to clean a dirty cloth is to pat it with a damp cloth or paper towel to remove any water or dirt particles.

The best way of cleaning a dirty cotton or linen is by rubbing it with the back of your hand or the side of your palm.

If the cloth is dry, use a damp towel to rub the cloth onto your hand.

You can also soak cotton or wool under running water to prevent moisture from getting trapped in the fibers and causing irritation.6.

If you need any assistance with washing, visit our experts’ advice section.

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