When will we see more cat gifs?

By this point, you’ve probably seen all the cat gif videos out there, but what’s this?

A new breed of gifs that takes cat videos and turns them into cute gifs.

“Cute cat videos” are often used to demonstrate a variety of cat-related behaviors, from the adorable to the gross.

But a recent study has found that cute cat videos may actually be used by cat owners to communicate with their furry friends.

The study, which was published in the journal PLoS ONE, looked at the behavior of two cat breeds: a male named Chihuahua, and a female named Kitty.

The researchers used an algorithm to figure out how often each breed would engage in cute cat video sharing, and how often the videos were used to show how a cat was interacting with the owner.

When the researchers looked at a wide range of cat videos, they found that both male and female cats were sharing cat videos that were either humorous or cute.

This suggests that a cat might be actively trying to communicate that he or she is the owner of the cat, and it’s not really a bad thing.

If you’re curious, here are a few of the videos the researchers examined: The two cats shared their favorite ways of getting their fur on, like sitting in front of a mirror, playing on the sofa, or climbing into bed.

Chihuahuan male and cat.

The cat is in a cage, while the male cat is playing with his fur.

Cat owner with Kitty.

Cute Kitty Cat Video.

This kitten is just adorable.

The cat is still in the cage.

Another kitten.

These are not the best cat videos.

And finally, another kitten.

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